"The Greatest Threat to our Planet is the believe that someone else will save it"

- Robert Swan

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Atmospheric Water Generator - Uravu Labs

by Swapnil Shrivastav

We are building an atmospheric water generator which can generate drinking water from the air around us. We built a proof-of-concept model and now we want to scale up and build a small prototype. Lets gear up for water sustainability!

Grow It Yourselves (GiY)

by mayoor shetty

We are building products to enable urban population to grow the food they consume using our IoT enabled agri solution which relieves them from manual tasks of gardening and monitoring plant health. Where they can get organic food through out the year

Jaipur Elephant Paper

by Vijendra Shekhawat

Help promote quality, eco-friendly paper products made from elephant dung, and creating awareness amongst mahouts for better care for this awe-inspiring animal and cleanliness.


by Rohit Gangwal

Birds one of the most beautiful creation today face excruciating challenges getting injured during the Kite festival. We work for birds wellbeing.Let us join hands to become the voice of the voiceless

'Dutolo - Dustbin Toilet Locator' Mobile app

by Vishal Kokate

We created this app with a hope that in the era of mobiles apps, cleanliness would not lag behind. Everyone uses their smartphone to do errands in daily life. Then why not use a smartphone to help yourself & others to find a Dustbin or a Toilet?

Save Water Save Life

by Nitin Jain

Conserve water, conserve life. You never know the worth of water until the well runs dry. Save water, and it will save you. Don't let life slip down the drain.

Water for all in Ringora forest village through Solar water pump.

by Shveta Mashiwal

Ringora is small forest village in Uttarakhand near Jim Corbett National Park. It has no water supply, electricity. They require a solar powered water pump so that they do not have to go far to fetch water and cross paths with the man-eater tigers.

Rang De! Jaipur

by Contree Foundation

Rang De! Jaipur is a citizen-centred initiative which aims to transform civic spaces of Jaipur city by cleaning them, painting aesthetic designs and planting saplings with the help of Jaipurites. Currently, we have transformed Sindhi Camp Bus Stand.


by Meghna Vodapalli

Project ‘Punctured?’ helps create affordable, eco-friendly furniture for varied income groups, by reusing worn out tyres that are discarded by the society. These products are created by the marginalized women community of Pernephata.

When you conserve water, you conserve life!

by Irfan Vakkayil

An intelligent unmanned and autonomous marine robot capable of monitoring water quality parameter's, pollution tracking, surveillance operations and surveying in hard to reach shallow water locations without jeopardizing human life, time and effort.

Save the Green Gold

by Vishnu Lamba

Shree Kalpataru Sansthan has undertaken to sow more than 1.25 Crore Trees in next few years and to develop 100 Adarsh Grams (town/cities) across India. These Grams would be an inspiration to make India Greener. Help us sow more Trees this season.

Help Chuna Ram in fighting Cancer


I am ChunaRam Choudhary and I need to undergo the aplastic anemia Cancer bone-marrow transplant treatment for which I do not have enough money. I am the only earning member of my family, help me to meet my target amount.

An innovation to cool hot outdoor work spaces in Factories

by Monish Siripurapu

We designed a Eco-cooling system for that converts hot air from DG sets in factories to cool air. This could change the lifestyle of millions of people working in these conditions. We want to conduct research using CFD analysis and develop a software


by Manish Rai

Our main aim is to contribute in clean India and green India concept started by our PM Narendra Modi.The idea is basically based on the concept of vermicoposting but the change we have done in this project is to collect waste from vegetable market.

Just Parked..The perfect solution for the urban parking crisis!

by Visakh Nair

Let the world be your parking ground. Just Parked-The urban parking solution focused on solving parking problems in metro's. Reserve your parking before you start your travel. List your driveway,when not in use,to earn extra income.

Cluster Green

by Ajin V W

Cluster Green will be a platform helping farmers to find Land and help them lend land in simple steps for farm or farming related businesses. Cluster Green Units will help farmers in creating a Risk free farming model.

Socio Impact by developing & Manufacturing Silicon Foley Catheter

by Sanjay Chokhani

In India Silicon Catheter is being imported & sold @ 800 to 1200 per pcs, Our Interest is to make it available for Indian Patient @ 250/ per pcs, Also by using Silicon Catheter patient is not going through trouble of Pain & Infection.

Human Planet: A platform for Social Impact

by Ravi Verma

Support us building Human Planet, it is a social cause platform that will help bringing people together for creating social impact and help people collaborate, create, participate and contribute for social welfare and community development.


by Pradeep B

To offer an digital device that screens ecological circumstances and conditions through different sensors and provides the ideal yields that can be developed in that specific circumstance or indicating what must be changed for better crop growth.

BHW Herbal Water can replace antibiotics.

by Dhirendra Nath Tripathi

As the divine gift which is a result of ancient climating history ancient belief and modern research. It keeps you free from all about deadly viral diseases including AIDS

FundRaiser for Attending Harvard International Conference

by Nikhil Jain

I am Nikhil Jain, a researcher from IIT Bombay who is a strong believer in bringing the change for good in society. I am selected for 2017 HPAIR Conference in Sydney, Australia by Harvard University from over 1lakh+ applications from all over world.

Responsible tourism promotion

by Parambir Singh Rawat

Tourism is a major source of revenue for Uttarakhand. Tourism has positive and negative impacts. It has negative impacts on Environment. So we want to promote tourism in a responsible manner while preserving its environmental heritage, and ecosystem.

MAGNUS GENERATOR SYSTEMS 10000W magnetic Generator.

by ankur rathi

Magnetic generator system are portable power station efficiently converting into the useable energy 220 volt output. These units are ready for large power loads. These units will act as power generators, only without the harmful and expensive fuels.

10 हेक्टेयर भूमि मे लगभग 20 हजार पेड पौधे लगे है ।देखभाल के

by Sanjeep Kumar

आजकल जिस तरह से वातावरण मे जहरीली गैसे फैल रही है ।उन सब के हम लोग जिम्मेदार है ।मै सभी लोगे से अपील कर रहा हू ।अपने जीवन काल मे एक पेड अवश्य लगाये ।और दूसरे लोगो को जागरूक करने का प्रयास करे।हम आप सभी लोगो से निवेदन करता हू ।कि हमे 20 हजार पेड बचाओ

Help Promote Sustainable Menstruation

by Stonesoup.in

This campaign is a one to one interactive session, owned and driven by passionate volunteers. Inviting passionate eco-warriors to donate today. Why deal with Non Sustainable Menstruation or Period Taboos? Donate and share, to save the Planet.

Pre order for DLM clay halt aging alkalizer

by Mandan Srivastava

I invite U to preorder DLMclay haltaging alkalizer@1200(60% discount)250nos.offered.This is my long R&D project¬ less than a miracle. It converts tap water into purified alkaline drinking water. It is used in selfmanagement of diseases&halt aging

Litre Of Light

by Shankar

We aim at providing lighting up homes by the innovative idea of Litre of Light which turns plastic bottles into powerful lights hence leading to sustainable development

Green Child

by Prakhar Choudhary

Being part of this heritage country . Trees are one the most valuable ones. My childhood was also under tree shade in playing and now in name of this development and evolution everything is destroyed . I want it to bring it back and gift it to future

Solar Electrification for sustainable Environment.

by Lohith Ramakrishnappa

We have a new startup ready which provides Solar installation services. Main aim of this campaign is to get a Solar street light and other production for a feasible price. We are aiming to design a standard product which has a price reduction of 20%.

Help to Trust For Purchasing Machinary

by Sumadhwa Seva Pratishthana

TRUST NAME : SUMADHWA SEVA PRATISHTHANA Email : sspraindia@gmail.com Mobile No : 09448122733 Permanent Account Number (PAN) : AAXTS1089G Trust Registration No. : KA/NOTARY/095/0019/01 NITI Aayog - Govt of India - NGO Registration No. : KA/2019/02247

Library Chain Setup

by Tapash Debnath

I am planning to set up library chains in semi urban cities where youths can avail the library services with nominal cost. I will start with single stop first then spread them in further such areas. Any investee wants to partner me is also welcome.

Manufacturing of new generation Solar & Electric Geysers

by Harsha M L

We Invented new concept for Solar Geysers and Electric Geysers. We have 4 patents on these Inventions and our prototype won the best design award -2018 from Design clinic India. Our startup has been recognised by DIPP & top 400 Innovative startup

Sanitary pad dispenser for rural schools

by Prayaas Initiative

To educate and create awareness of use of Sanitary Napkins and provide easy access to Sanitary Napkins by installation Simple Vending Machines with replenishment program in Rural Schools and Colleges.


by Sandeep Kamble

Myself Sandeep Kamble. I have made 2 short films before( Vyatha and Jui). on child trafficking and Hawkers. Now I need money for my next short film which is based on the woman who can not be a mother. She can not give birth. how society treat her

affordable bio-degradable carry bags "say no to plastic"

by Dharmendra Kumar

our startup aim is to remove plastic bags completely from the markets and use them in the use of biodegradable carry bags.

Beat The Heat

by Arnab Majumder

Let’s come together and join hands with us in making a wonderful future ahead. We had launched our Project #BeatTheHeat on 5th June. As per our plan, we have set a target of planting an approximately 1 lacs saplings throughout India.

Helping Needy people

by Mohammed Waseem

Hello Friends I’m reaching out to you all as we have started small organisation to support the poor's and this is for fundraising campaign to support them for their daily needs. Please support this Organisation and even small amount will help .

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