"The eyes are useless when the mind is Blind"

- Anonymous

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by Pramod Sanghi

Despite the elevated position woman enjoys of being worshiped as goddesses, she is considered as a source of amusement. Paradoxically, their rights and aspirations do not count. This story will showcase the diverse emotions of 6 different women.

The Little Man

by Salim Akhtar

The film focuses on bullying in schools and the fear a bullied child lives with. Bullying can be damaging physically and emotionally. It has a lasting Impact on the child's personality. Our film is about how our protagonist overcomes his fears.

NEED Financial Help For My Short Film

by Srinath Rangarajan

Hi,this is Srinath.I need money for my Short film.My story needs extradinory VFX and Many characters.I have a wish to work as one of the assistant directors to director Shankar sir ,for that I’m trying to prove myself,So help me.

PUTHRAN - A Feature Film on Child Labour and Child Abuse

by Jaya Bharathy

'PUTHRAN' film is produced under the banner Chaitanya Movies. It is established by JayaBharathy with an aim to make meaningful and message oriented good cinema which all can enjoy.The message in PUTHRAN is regarding CHILD LABOUR and CHILD ABUSE.

Zool Aparim - Illumination Across

by Shreesh Zutshi

The short film will provides an insight towards an uniquely archaic approach and conflicts of an old middle class couple and their different point of views. At the end, it explains the monotony of forlorn life which ekes out a purposeless existence.

Banaraspun (Being Banarasi)

by Alind Jaitly

Banaras is the epicenter of spirituality and the fountainhead of 'mauj-masti'. The film explores and embraces this duality of existence as seen in the tradition of being ‘Benarasi’. The transience of our existence-'Maya' is the core idea of the film.

Kuch Bhi

by Rahul Yadav

FTII alumnus brings you the emotion, the dilemma, the wait & the silence of a mother whose daughter was named "??? ??" (whatever). Help us turn it around from "Kuch Bhi" to "Sab Kuch"and be a part of this exciting journey.

Vodka in Coconut Water

by Gaurav Ganotra

An erotic art drama, showcasing the journey of a forty years old lonely woman. Sandhya is a school teacher by profession and is married to a successful stock broker. Neglected by her husband, a bad incident drives her away to the party capital Goa.

World's Largest and Most Secure Film Library

by Hanu Roj

JIFF brings to you the World’s Largest and most Secure Film Library. We have taken the initiative to preserve cinema by establishing this Library. It will be one of its kind! Support us to accomplish this objective and to bring this dream to reality!

Short film with a cause

by Mohammed Shoeb Shaikh

I am making a short movie with a social message. It is based on a true story which showcases life is a poor Indian village. Profits from this movie will be donated to poor village area for their schooling, employment etc.


by Avinash Patni

From a young age, Anita was forced to dance and to perform, against her will, in order to support her family. Using her dance, Anita strives to overcome the challenges of being a Gypsy woman living in India. What was imposed on her as a child


by Soumya Roy Choudhury

The film is an Indian Indie Film. The story is about the life and society of 2053. A place where murder is trending, love is history, insanity is cool & sex is time pass. A realistic mirror for the audience of the so called future.

Path of the Guru

by Tejwant Singh chabba

There are many tales spread across North-east India about Sikh Guru Nanak. 'Path of the Guru' is a story which we explored while travelling through the region. The movie will showcase the journey of Guru Nanak ji's visit to North Eastern states!


by Nitin Shingal

Our story revolves around a Indian man who was in charge censoring letters while serving the British army who fought the Nazis during the Battle of MONTE CASSINO, Italy in 1944.

LTTE (Tamil Tigers - Srilanka) backdrop Love Story

by Prasad Chari

LTTE (Tamil Tigers - Srilanka) backdrop Love Story, a beautiful love story of Indian Tamilan guy and Srilankan Tamil Girl, Why a Indian Tamil Guy went to Srilanka? how he met the girl? what happened after love?

Bachcha Master

by Prairna Agarwal

Children feature film which condemns child labour and promotes child education. A child goes on to set an example by teaching labour children and how education helps in shaping the future of a society. It conveys a very contemporary social message.


by Nilay Majumder

This is a short film inspired by a real incident in Gurgaon. The film starts out to be an erotic film but ends in a different note when the protagonist suddenly craves for Icecream.

Girl from Barharwa

by Ashvin Kumar

An 18 years old village girl finds that her parents are against her education and will not even allow her to choose a life partner of her choice then she seeks legal help but in vain.And then how she faces her problems and fulfil her dreams.


by Subodh Pakhare

BARETTA M1934, a political thriller, based on the assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. It's not just a film but a repository of unrivalled facts showcased in a cinematic format. After 7 years of in-depth research, we are ready to make a film!


by Shreyas Chinga

DAVID is an original script which has four parallel stories based on one particular incident that occurs in the film. All the characters are involved in that particular incident. The USP is the unpredictable path which makes the audience guessing.

COMMENT : A Feature Film on a Contemporary issue

by Natvaakyam

Comment is a Hindi feature film which is based on a contemporary issue prevailing in the nation. We are talking about the influence of social media in our lives.

The Icon of Indian Dance - Pt. Birju Maharaj


An artist, a choreographer, a dancer, a singer, a Guru and we are just beginning! This is the story of Pandit Birju Maharaj, India's Kathak maestro, on how he took up his journey to international acclaim.

Karunada Shale

by Aayur swamy

Karunada Shale is a Kannada feature film being produced under the Post24 banner. This film is based on the life of APJ Abdul Kalam and how experienced professionals should teach in schools.

Short film " A Million Dollar Gift"

by kuldeep rathore

A Million Dollar Gift is story about a teacher, she guides and helps a student in her own style who gets zero every times in her test.

Unfaithful - A Short Film

by Deepak Chauhan

The story of 'Unfaithful' is based on husband & wife relations, sometimes it is good and some times bad. But in the film, the wife who has an affair with someone and things get complicated.

Behind The Movement- A Documentary

by Shantanu Srivastava

Marketing and Promotion of this research documentary Movie undertaken as a project by 'IIT Guwahati' students, unfolding the inside working methodology and the organisational structure of the world's largest student organisation- ABVP!

"Mathikettavan" Production Investment Required

by Hari Haran Vasudevan

Got an oppurtunity to present my Skill to an established director. Have procured 62% of the production cost. Need another 38% to start the production. The Script is a completed one and the crew is also ready. Thanks & Regards Hariharan Vasudevan

FUTURE REVERSE a short movie about future 2070.

by Mahaveer Singh

A short movie called FUTURE REVERSE. This is the movie about future year 2070. Rich are not rich, poor are not poor, money is not money and raw food is not just food anymore. And witness the shocking proof of humanity’s life.

Funding required for ambitious short film.

by Kshitij Kumar Pandey

This yet untitled project is my 2nd short film. It is a socio-political drama, dealing with caste based discrimination in our society at its core. The shooting commences from 20th December, and will start Prakash Belawadi in the lead role.

First Indian VFX shortMovie Aaghoree The rise of Shaktimaan

by Abhinesh Kumar

I am planning to make India’s first ever VFX short movie based on superhero which will consist of visual effects like never seen before. This short movie will take part in world’s best top 500 film competitions worldwide.

Support Campaign


by shilakha

I am planning to make India’s first ever VFX short movie based on superhero which will consist of visual effects like never seen before. This short movie will take part in world’s best top 500 film competitions worldwide.

Forever 5

by Rishav Raj

Want to give this project a life. Had written the script 4-5 months ago.. Went on looking for sponsorship but no one showed any interest. After a lot of rejections I joined Dream Wallets to give my web series a life.

Secret Sunshine

by Bindeswari Kumari

Secret Sunshine is a women oriented short film. It is my second short film after ''Moonbow''. It is about a teenager,Mira who is gangraped and then this leads to trauma and hardships. The victim blaming strikes hard and then there is a ray of hope.

Chai Pe Kharcha

by Naireeta Dasgupta Dwivedi

‘Chai Pe Kharcha’ is a simple story about tea, and the happiness and fear that comes with each flavorful cup. Will Gautam's love for tea lead to domestic disharmony? What is more important, love for your wife or tea? Is there a way to get both?

Help me to create a Master Piece


I have a awesome story which is actually my nighmare. i kept it on paper 6 months back. i didnt started it yet because lack of money. I needed to buy a camera Sony Alpha 6500 which costs 1,50,000. and another 50,000 for a "Gimbal". Help to Success

Short Film - The Microtheory of Death

by Paarth Pratap Manjarekar

A disgruntled mental patient, a bomb, and a psychiatrist trying to prevent the bomb from being set off is accompanied by a conversation of the ethical ramifications of murder in self defense.

jinnum makkalum short film

by suhaib

Currently im behind my dream short movie project “JinnumMakkalum”. The movie is about current environmental issues by using plastic and other inspiring lifes. shoot of the movie is done very well and now we are stuck due to some financial issues.

Compassionate Appointment in force

by Lucky Khan

 To bring harmonious changes in society by revealing the bitter truth about unexposed world of Compassionate Appointment in force.

Film Against Child Abuse

by Ratnadeep Ray

Every fifth child in this world is Indian and guess what, 53% of Indian children got sexually abused once or multiple times in their lifetimes.In 2015, 8800 cases were registered using POCSO. And many of them were never brought under daylight.

Love Aur Dhoka

by Priyaranjan Paul

Ajkal pyaar aur dhoka ek bada problem hai society me. Ladko se zyada ladkiyan dhoka de rahi hai. Lekin ek ladka jab dokha deta hai to ledki court me complain kar sakti. Magar ek ladki dokha deto ladka court me complain nahi kar sakti hai. Why?


by Alina Banerjee Sharma

"Adhaar-Sheela" is a satirical portrayal of an awe-inspiring tale of an elderly woman's fear of losing her identity and a relentless journey of achieving it back, which takes her a long way. Lead role to be played by veteran actress Farida Jalal ji.


by Balaji Gophane

I am film director. i completed 3 short films. now i have big budget movies story. so i need money for film


by Mahesha c

I am associate director,working since 8 years in film industry,now I want to become film director,but not getting support from producers as they are associating/supporting with only star directors and star actors,hence looking for support financially

"Bhavam" a video campaign on human emotions

by Joseph John ( Founder- Vingles Channel )

The campaign will have a series of concept videos that brings out the various emotions of a human being including happiness, sad, anger, lust, jealous, anxiety, surprise and more. Each video will have a concept story supporting the emotion showcased.


by Wasim aftab

Parrot National Films Festival is an event organized for people from the independent film industry,Also other Filmmakers and for cinema-goers who love to discover social awareness films.

Need Support for Dhwara - the film

by Shreyas N Rao

Dhwara ,a ficitional short film set in 1951 in a fictional dimension. The short film explores the Depths of human emotions and provides a different perspective at life and death. A part of the budget is being crowdfunded ,come join us & support us

Please help me to pay educational fees and to become actor

by Nilesh kale

Sir, I am Nilesh Kale. I am doing my acting career . But my family is not supporting me for this career because of poor condition. I have taken admission in film institute. But I can't pay fees. So please support me to raise funds. And help me ..


by Sandeep Kamble

Myself Sandeep Kamble. I have made 2 short films before( Vyatha and Jui). on child trafficking and Hawkers. Now I need money for my next short film which is based on the woman who can not be a mother. She can not give birth. how society treat her


by deepak kumar rai

Today's generation has forgotten the sacrifices of Sikhs , this story is a reminder of those sacrifices. Moreover, it will clear the misunderstanding of people making fun of Sikhs when the clock hits 12.

Urgently required Funding to produce a Short Film

by Senthilnathan Ramalingam

We an Entertainment Service provider, Aparam Marketing & Entertainment Services (P) Ltd., committed to produce a short film. As a startup, we need funding to kickstart our short film project. Kindly help us to make the project success. Thank You

Empower to woman

by Abhay Patil

My name is Abhay Patil. I am a actor/writer/film maker. Right now we are making a short film on woman empowerment. Today women in all over world, rulling in almost all fields. Created an impact on whole society. .

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