“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

- Julia Child

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Grow It Yourselves (GiY)

by mayoor shetty

We are building products to enable urban population to grow the food they consume using our IoT enabled agri solution which relieves them from manual tasks of gardening and monitoring plant health. Where they can get organic food through out the year

Feed the hungry

by jitesh sharma

We will be having food drives at multiple places in and around Rajasthan.This will also include supply of vitamins supplements to poor children as we have observed the child death rate is high due to malnutrition.Save the lives of the needy.

Working together to feed the hungry

by Sakshi Gupta

We will be having food drives at multiple places in and around Faridabad,Haryana.This will also include supply of vitamins supplements to poor children as we have observed the child death rate is high due to malnutrition.Save the lives of the needy.

Kudumbashree Initiative: Organic Farming

by Harshvardhan Pandey

In order to encourage organic farming in Kerala, we aim to develop an app which will increase connect the farmers to the end consumers. Thus, encouraging them to shift to organic farming.

Smile care unit ( celebrate this Independence with orphans )

by saurabh singh

We are putting a hand together to celebrate this Independence with orphans in orphanage.We're providing them fruits sweets and clothes.we'll make them feel happy on this Independence So we request you all together come forward as a unit.Pls Help them

Cloud kitchen to provide daily meals

by Uddipta Dutta

My mum and I are establishing a cloud kitchen to provide pocket friendly home made food to people staying away from home. We are incorporating home makers and also Women and Men delivery system to deliver food at the door step. My mum is my cofounder


by Seebhal Mikelin

This intriguing mix of two classic liquors balances the Impeccably crafted triple distilled and charcoal filtered, silky smooth taste of Vodka with the finest tequila. This innovative spirit is perfect as a shot, served over ice

Step forward for good cause.

by Paws and care

Mission- Our main motive is to promote the importance of the street dogs so that they can get the same love and care like other pet dogs in india, our major focus is to provide health, food & water and also protect them so with the help of our NGO

Create A service providing app With Unique idea

by Ibrahim Shaikh

I have a unique idea about providing a hygienic daily meal on time. This is a creative and unique solution to finding a good tasting meal.


by Aashayen Foundation

Udaan is National charity event organized by AashayenFoundation During this event we Distribute school kit to 20000 Underprivileged kids Udaan is a national Sports and Cultural festival.

Fruitarians – Online Fruit Bar

by Gourav Baid

At Fruitarians, we believe that when it comes to eating right, there is no I’ll start tomorrow. Instead of having to make runs to the supermarket or go to street vendors to do your fruit shopping, let us do it for you.

BHW Herbal Water can replace antibiotics.

by Dhirendra Nath Tripathi

As the divine gift which is a result of ancient climating history ancient belief and modern research. It keeps you free from all about deadly viral diseases including AIDS

Worlds First, Safe & Healthy Cola, alternative to Coke/Pepsi

by Shambhunath Chatterji

World's First Company to have developed the Formula for the Safest and Healthiest Alternative to Coke and Pepsi Colas, at our R&D, based in Florida and Atlanta in the USA. Ingredients are 100% Natural.

Sponsor Nutritious Meals for Destitute Elderly People

by Mallikarjuna Gorla

We have been providing nutritious meals every day to these 30 destitute older persons since 2009. The hot meals are distributed daily between 1-2pm and include a variety of nutritional foods like steamed cooked rice, dhal, sambhar, etc to poor elders

The Cafe Livre - A book cafe

by Ashutosh

We want to develop a book cafe where anyone could settle into a congenial niche, Steaming coffee in hand with an engrossing read, yet with an atmosphere of elegance and zest. We will have a collection of books. Weekends come with some amazing events.


by Ghanshyam

I am Mr. Ghanshyam from Gainthana Bangar, District Rudraprayag state Uttrakhand. I would like to help orphan, semi orphan poor and needy children. By providing them free education, books and dress.

The Problem with Education

by Yogdaan Foundation

Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need education the most children living in poverty-are the least likely to attend school.


by Rwiju Pal

In a growing energy drink market, most of the energy drinks available are carbonated drinks. We have created India's first milk-based energy drink which is not only healthier than the carbonated drinks but is all natural with no preservative

FoodGram - A social platform for food lovers

by Ashish Kumar Shah

This project is about a platform for foodies to share their food experiences, restaurants or cafes or street side food or home with a huge community of foodies.


by Ghanshyam

we are nonprofit registered ngo. Working for orphan , semi orphan ,poor and needy children .


by Umesh Kumar shaw

I want to start business ideas ‌TOMATO PRODUCTS AND PICKLES ( AGRO BASED FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY ) to help needie peapa in orgnigation

How many times you see caged dogs in pathetic condition at p

by Atul Singh

How many times you see caged dogs in pathetic condition at pet shops and breeders? Don't you feel that this immoral, unethical and ILlegal Practice should be stopped. We sent legal notices and wrote to many websites and social platform


by See Bhal Mikelin

See Bhal Mikelin is a legal distillery producing alcoholic beverages of the highest quality.Achieving that milestone gave a new perspective to expand into global alcohol market online,reaching out to new heights.

Help to Trust For Purchasing Machinary

by Sumadhwa Seva Pratishthana

TRUST NAME : SUMADHWA SEVA PRATISHTHANA Email : sspraindia@gmail.com Mobile No : 09448122733 Permanent Account Number (PAN) : AAXTS1089G Trust Registration No. : KA/NOTARY/095/0019/01 NITI Aayog - Govt of India - NGO Registration No. : KA/2019/02247

Help childrens suffering from encephalitis(Chamki-fever).

by Ratnesh kumar

Childrens is suffering from acute encephalitis syndrome namely "CHAMKI-FEVER" still now here is more than 150 childrens dead by this encephalitis syndrome and about 200 childrens is still suffering from this.so,come and raise a fund for childrens.

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