"You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page. "

- Jodi Picoult

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Bookphilla - The library that comes to you

by Anjana Warrier

Bookphilla which is a platform to let people borrow and share their used books, games and movies. This way any person can earn some money out of their books (study books, novels, magazines etc.), games and movie CDs that are no longer in use.

Zool Aparim - Illumination Across

by Shreesh Zutshi

The short film will provides an insight towards an uniquely archaic approach and conflicts of an old middle class couple and their different point of views. At the end, it explains the monotony of forlorn life which ekes out a purposeless existence.

Erupt With Joy - A book on self mastery to happiness.

by Hosamane J Savitha

This book is all about knowing, connecting, accepting and delighting your inner being. It is an exploration to reach out to the hidden spirit of cheerfulness and erupt with joy through the mindful journey. Help me raise funds to publish this book.

Rig Veda Scientific Research For Non Religious Truth

by Rahul R W

My earlier published book is “Auto inquisition for Innovation” in 2015. I had been a Monk in 2013-14.This amount is required for a very specific and objectively targeted research on some sentences in Rig Veda by qualified retired professors.

Ajmer Literature Festival

by Rasbihari Gaur

Ajmer Literature Festival is held every year. Eminent speakers from Films, Media, Art, Journalism and Literature speak on engaging topics. Along with Penal discussions and Poetry recitals LitFest gives stage to new talent.

Funding for Doon Leadership Programme

by Shubham Tantia

An alumnus of Bishop Cotton School, Shubham wants to further enhance his knowledge. He is looking to raise funds to enrol for Doon Leadership Programme. He is a young ambitious boy, who wants to contribute to a greater future of this country.

Muslim Freedom Fighters and India's Freedom

by Soumya Basu

Inspite of making a substantial amount of contribution to India’s emancipation, the tragedy of such brave fighters is that they have somehow been removed from the collective consciousness of the Nation. The idea is to re-evaluate their glorious role.

Support Kahaanighar Times and Autism Times publication for 1 year

by Rony Banerjee

Kahaanighar is a Social Enterprise committed to the development of cultural pro-activeness amongst children through informal interactions, as simple as storytelling. They need your support to publish newsletters to take this message to the society.

Jaipur Kala Mahotsav 2017

by jaipurkalamahotsav2017

Jaipur Kala Mahotsav will be held from 2 - 6 April 2017 at Jawahar Kala Kendra. The objective of this fair is to provide an exciting opportunity and encourage young artists, designers, and craftsmen to showcase their talent to the general masses.

Help Rimpal Go To Yale University

by Rimpal Jain

I have been admitted to Yale Univ's prestigious Yale Young Global Scholars summer program! I am one of the very few students from around the globe to be accepted as well as given the scholarship worth $5000 but it does not pay for other costs.


by Ghanshyam

I am Mr. Ghanshyam from Gainthana Bangar, District Rudraprayag state Uttrakhand. I would like to help orphan, semi orphan poor and needy children. By providing them free education, books and dress.

The Problem with Education

by Yogdaan Foundation

Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need education the most children living in poverty-are the least likely to attend school.


by Ghanshyam

we are nonprofit registered ngo. Working for orphan , semi orphan ,poor and needy children .

A Spiritual Book- 1 year 4 Seasons, to transform lives

by Chaitra Katti

A year ago, I met a monk, she taught me life secrets to get everything we wish for. My life truly changed when I started using laws of universe and I want the world to know about this. So I wrote a book and I need your support to spread about magic.

Library Chain Setup

by Tapash Debnath

I am planning to set up library chains in semi urban cities where youths can avail the library services with nominal cost. I will start with single stop first then spread them in further such areas. Any investee wants to partner me is also welcome.

Help us to provide hostel facilities for tribal childrens

by Jan Seva Vikas Trust

This campaign is set up in order to provide bunk bed, bed sheet, cooler and tv for 76 needy children of tribal area. This hostel is located in a tribal area of chhotaudepur district, Gujarat, India.

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