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Mission Fight The Cold

by Shakti Das

Mission Fight The Cold is a small endeavor to help people by distributing blankets to those who spend their night sleeping on street during this chilly winter.

Voice of Voiceless

by Jitin Jain

God has given us the power to speak and raise our opinion. Why not be the VOICE of the VOICELESS and serve the loyal creatures! Stop cruelty done to the animals. Join us in being a part of this noble cause of helping out helpless animals like these.

Purified Water For Pure Souls

by Kumar Abhisek Bhuyan

This campaign aims to provide safe and purified drinking water to the orphaned children at Ashanilaya Orphanage in Bangalore. We want to install a Water Purification System in the orphanage.


by Gaurav Dagaonkar

The drought has crippled the villages of Maharashtra, especially in the Marathwada, Vidarbha, and Beed regions. ‘PAANI’,the song and campaign aim to spread awareness about the severity of the drought and urge people to contribute to make a difference


by Priyankar Kumar

We are attempting to provide a digital platform that will allow event organisers to streamline event management and get easy access to services for fulfilling their requirements. Local businesses can use the platform to put forth their services.

Fight Red - an attempt to help children living with HIV/AIDS

by Nandini Kuchhal

Fight Red is an initiative by Rays NGO, spearheaded by Nandini Kuchhal, to eradicate the social stigma and discrimination against the children living with HIV/AIDS, include them in the society and provide them equal opportunity to fulfil their dreams

Meri Pyaari Gudiya

by Aniket Kar

A thought-provoking song, depicting the significance of a girl child, as seen through her father’s eyes. “Meri Pyaari Gudiya” seeks to convey the blessing of having a daughter in a country where female foeticide, female illiteracy are ever so rampant

Save Dogs

by Vineeta Tandon

How many times you see caged dogs in pathetic condition at pet shops and breeders? Don't you feel that this immoral, unethical and ILlegal Practice should be stopped. We sent legal notices and wrote to many websites and social platform.some did the

Days of Pride- Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day (28 May)

by Naya Sawera

Our campaign is focused on menstrual hygiene in slum areas. 88% of the women in India do not use sanitary pads. We appeal all to contribute in multiple of Rs 20 so that we can distribute the sanitary pads and make an impact as we made in last year.

vChalk - tech for all kids to progress in school

by Daniela F. Gheorghe

vChalk is technology to support low-income parents and teachers make sure all children learn the basics in the first years in school. Watch the video and support our campaign in collaboration with IIM Bangalore!


by Rohit Gangwal

Birds one of the most beautiful creation today face excruciating challenges getting injured during the Kite festival. We work for birds wellbeing.Let us join hands to become the voice of the voiceless

Help Anima Minz become a Medical Doctor

by Basant Kerketta

Anima Minz always wanted to be a doctor. She comes from a remote village in Jharkhand. Her father is a daily wage farm labourer and will not be able to support her education. Join us in helping her pursue MBBS at Grant Medical College Mumbai.

'Dutolo - Dustbin Toilet Locator' Mobile app

by Vishal Kokate

We created this app with a hope that in the era of mobiles apps, cleanliness would not lag behind. Everyone uses their smartphone to do errands in daily life. Then why not use a smartphone to help yourself & others to find a Dustbin or a Toilet?

Road Safety Crusade

by K P Sendil Kumar

We would like to provide uniform T-shirt and Cap to our volunteers, "Road Safety Crusade," who will educate the Road Users at traffic signals.

Help a school buy a computer.

by Atul

According to the teachers all the students at the Rajkiya Prathmik Kanya Pathshala are enthusiastic in learning about Computers but are not getting the opportunity to do so. Help them in their education so that they can widen their learning horizon

Creating an employment opportunity for differently abled young adults.

by Rahil Siddiqui

Our mission is to Train, Empower, Equip, and Employ differently abled young adults to lead a life of dignity and grace and economic self-sustainability. Come help us and witness the Magic created by the hands of these creative Individuals.

Help me save my mother!

by Dhratik Patel

My mother has been diagnosed with blockages in multiple arteries, one being critical (90%). 3 doctors have advised an immediate angioplasty requiring multiple stents. As a son, I'm doing all I can. Every contribution from you can help me save her.

Komal hoon kamzor nahi

by Gyanendra Bajpai

Challenges can bring you buckling down to your knees or they can help you rise, like a Phoenix. This theatric celebrates the indomitable spirit of a woman, who rises despite the shackles of the society. It's time to break free!

Save Water Save Life

by Nitin Jain

Conserve water, conserve life. You never know the worth of water until the well runs dry. Save water, and it will save you. Don't let life slip down the drain.

Days of Pride!

by Naya Sawera

The lack of affordable sanitary pads has been widely cited as one of the key obstacles to regular school attendance amongst young girls. We at Naya Sawera NGO have taken the initiative of providing a pack of 8 sanitary pads to max girls each month.

Working together to feed the hungry

by Sakshi Gupta

We will be having food drives at multiple places in and around Faridabad,Haryana.This will also include supply of vitamins supplements to poor children as we have observed the child death rate is high due to malnutrition.Save the lives of the needy.

Help women farmers to access modern tools for agriculture

by Manuring It!

Agriculture in northern states of India is ailing from different problems. Rising cost of labour due to labour migration is one critical problem. We are trying to solve this problem by giving the women farmers an access to modern farm tools on rent.

Water for all in Ringora forest village through Solar water pump.

by Shveta Mashiwal

Ringora is small forest village in Uttarakhand near Jim Corbett National Park. It has no water supply, electricity. They require a solar powered water pump so that they do not have to go far to fetch water and cross paths with the man-eater tigers.


by Shreya Shukla

We the students of XLRI Jamshedpur believe in 'The greater good.' Through this campaign we aim at conducting 2 health and hygiene awareness camps for underprivileged women in Jamshedpur and provide warm clothes and blankets for winter

Empower Women with Entrepreneurship

by Kailash Manjhi

The Butterfly Project is an effort to inspire and empower women and ensure equal Social Acceptance, Education and Government benefits to them. Educating and empowering women have been instrumental in an economy's and societal development.

Violence and Me

by Parimal Merchant

World Center for Humanist Studies is organizing a National Essay competition on “Violence and Me” for school students to sensitize them about forms of violence and how it affects everyone - create awareness and help reflect.

Heal Tokyo and sponsor a child for education

by Nupur Tewari

'Heal Tokyo' is a drive to bring calmness and spirituality in lives of people of Tokyo through Yoga and at the same time using the contribution to enable poor kids across the world to got to school.

Days of Pride

by Karishma & Devangi

The campaign Days of Pride is dedicated towards donating sanitary napkins to women who cannot afford them, or do not use them due to taboo regarding reasons. One donated packet of sanitary napkins costs Rs. 20.

Rang De! Jaipur

by Contree Foundation

Rang De! Jaipur is a citizen-centred initiative which aims to transform civic spaces of Jaipur city by cleaning them, painting aesthetic designs and planting saplings with the help of Jaipurites. Currently, we have transformed Sindhi Camp Bus Stand.

S.M.I.L.E to empower underprivileged women and children

by Kamini Shukla

SMILE - Society For Mobilizing And Improving The Life Experiences Of The Underprivileged Women And Children is a nonprofit organization. We work in 13 slums of Jaipur. Help us raise funds to expand to more areas to uplift more women and children

Kudumbashree Initiative: Organic Farming

by Harshvardhan Pandey

In order to encourage organic farming in Kerala, we aim to develop an app which will increase connect the farmers to the end consumers. Thus, encouraging them to shift to organic farming.

Save life.. severe Brain hemorrhage condition ..

by Radhakrishna Jha

Patient name is Murlidhar M Jha, age 62,admitted in Thunga Hospital,malad, Mumbai.He got haemorrhagic stroke in brain on 24th of June,2018 and diagnosed with HTN/IHD/DM/OLD CBA. He is in deep coma now and per day costs 30k in medicines.Fund required.

Giving water coolers to government schools

by Vasundhra ladies club

We are club which aim to eliminate injustice towards kids of weaker section of society by providing them basic healthy drinking water.


by Meghna Vodapalli

Project ‘Punctured?’ helps create affordable, eco-friendly furniture for varied income groups, by reusing worn out tyres that are discarded by the society. These products are created by the marginalized women community of Pernephata.

Support a soldier for saving his son by deadly heart disease

by Renu chauhan

Most children start their lives in their parents’ arms, with their love and care. But, unlike those lucky children little Yug, started his life in the NICU, attached to a ventilator and on medications. He was born premature in October 2017 and instea


by Akhilesh Maheshwari

Under project Snehachal, we are looking to improve our already established orphanage in Jaipur by further equipping the settlement with CCTV Cameras for security and bunk beds for convenience for kids along with soome other important amentities.

The Little Man

by Salim Akhtar

The film focuses on bullying in schools and the fear a bullied child lives with. Bullying can be damaging physically and emotionally. It has a lasting Impact on the child's personality. Our film is about how our protagonist overcomes his fears.

NEED Financial Help For My Short Film

by Srinath Rangarajan

Hi,this is Srinath.I need money for my Short film.My story needs extradinory VFX and Many characters.I have a wish to work as one of the assistant directors to director Shankar sir ,for that I’m trying to prove myself,So help me.

Help Sridhar

by Richard Vinod

Please help Sridhar, he is suffering from liver damage. He needs an immediate liver transplant to survive. He is the only earning member of the family and they need your support to raise funds for his operation.


by Devendra Desai

Children Toy Foundation is organizing a Marathon event at Kharghar hills to help promote the social cause of providing opportunity to underprivileged children to play with toys and learn while doing. The funds raised will go to fund the toy vans acro


by EasyM2M Technologies

Accident victims are loved one of some one you might know. Ambulance staff and Hospitals can save life of victim using enterprise solution. Tratrwatch will be manufactured, donated. matching discount on Tratrwatch buy for you.

Daan Utsav - The joy of Giving week

by Naya Sawera

DaanUtsav (earlier, the Joy of Giving Week) is India’s ‘festival of giving’. The festival is celebrated every year from October 2 to 8. ULLAAS is a festival of giving organised by Naya Sawera NGO in Jaipur for more than 250 underprivileged kids.

Help Aarush for Cochlear implant

by Nilesh Nagar

Aarush is an 11 year old boy who has undergone a surgery of cochlear implant and now needs the replacement of the external processor. Like every other child he also looks forward to lead a healthy and joyful life. Your support can help him to revive!

26/11- A Tribute to the martyrs!!

by Hemant Amrute

A musical concert at The Gateway of India, Mumbai to pay tribute to the braves who fought for the safety of all of us during the 26th November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai.


by Helpingpeopls Poor

1 YEAR 5 months old boy rakesh is suffering from very critical health problem. He had a hole in his heart. He is currently being treated at CARE hospitals vizag. Doctors told he needs heart surgery in a month. Her father name is krishna.

Photo Print Camp - Celebrate Girl Child

by Rohit Nayak

At “Photo Print Camp” we will be clicking pictures of mothers and their daughters together, to celebrate the birth of their girl child. To make those lovely moments even more special, we will be gifting them the photographs instantly.

Voices for Children Through Arts For Awareness and Education

by Kalyan Singh Kothari

Lok Samvad Sansthan along with its partners is organising this all India level painting, photos, short film competition in an attempt to build public awareness and create a moral force in the country to stand by the children and protect their rights.

Save the Green Gold

by Vishnu Lamba

Shree Kalpataru Sansthan has undertaken to sow more than 1.25 Crore Trees in next few years and to develop 100 Adarsh Grams (town/cities) across India. These Grams would be an inspiration to make India Greener. Help us sow more Trees this season.

Driver Empowerment

by TransportMitra .

The soldiers of highways march through the day & night beating all odds inside heavy & colorfully adorned trucks, their home away from home.This mechanical beast feeds loving family miles away. It's time we empower them with skill, health & wellness.

Zool Aparim - Illumination Across

by Shreesh Zutshi

The short film will provides an insight towards an uniquely archaic approach and conflicts of an old middle class couple and their different point of views. At the end, it explains the monotony of forlorn life which ekes out a purposeless existence.


by Vandana Gupta

Koshish is an NGO started to provide quality education and overall development to the underprivileged children in the city of Kota. We need funds to build sports faculties, library and computer lab for these children and to organize excursions.

Surman Home

by Surman Sansthan

Surman is a divine place where abandoned and orphan children are given shelter and an atmosphere where they can also see their dreams coming time.

Kuch Bhi

by Rahul Yadav

FTII alumnus brings you the emotion, the dilemma, the wait & the silence of a mother whose daughter was named "??? ??" (whatever). Help us turn it around from "Kuch Bhi" to "Sab Kuch"and be a part of this exciting journey.

Help Labour People's Operations

by Sampathi Stalin

Help labour class poor people's organization - AIFLU, India. AIFLU is working on removal of poverty from poor people by providing food, homes and happy better lives.

World’s Largest Free General Medical Camp

by Dr. Dharmendra

Life is the most precious gift, so it’s our moral duty to live a healthy & happy life. R.K HIV Aids Research & Care Centre is organizing world’s largest medical camp to provide free treatment to more than 2 lac people residing in the slums of Mumbai.


by Mohit Joshi

We always read and listen about "suicide " at everywhere. About 900000 people die Worldwide by suicide every year, out of which 17% are from India. But yet no one create a single song to fight against "Suicide. We are going to create a song on this

Smile care unit ( celebrate this Independence with orphans )

by saurabh singh

We are putting a hand together to celebrate this Independence with orphans in orphanage.We're providing them fruits sweets and clothes.we'll make them feel happy on this Independence So we request you all together come forward as a unit.Pls Help them

Battling With Elephantiasis, Help Sheikh Get His Treatment


Please support me to fight Elephantiasis disease and have my Surgery done on time.

Save Deepanshu

by Child Heart Foundation

Deepanshu a 2-Year-old from Bhiwari born with complex heart disease. He undergone through a heart surgery in 2014 and needs final surgery for his complete cure. His parent's took loan for the first operation which he can't repay till today.

Sindhu Darshan

by Bhupinder Kansil

One for All & All for One is what India believes in! Leh Ladakh being one of the most beautiful regions of the country needs to get attention. People here are looking for better educational opportunities. Let's come together for a brighter tomorrow!

Cycling 30000 km around the world! #MilletMission

by Kamal Haz

Kamal Haz is a man on a mission. He will be cycling around the world in 120 days, completing 30000 km, covering 25 countries to increase awareness about Diabetes and the reasons behind it. It will be an attempt to create Guinness World Record.


by Avinash Patni

From a young age, Anita was forced to dance and to perform, against her will, in order to support her family. Using her dance, Anita strives to overcome the challenges of being a Gypsy woman living in India. What was imposed on her as a child

Help my organization for Blood donation to needy peoples.

by Chirag

Our mitrachat family’s main motto is to blossom the society with our collective efforts. We wish to achieve success in all spheres of our services through excellence and sharing. It is one of the biggest ambitions of our company to provide the societ

Preserve Cows for Mankind in Society.


SAVE COWS - To lead a normal and peaceful life, we need forest preservation, water preservation, animal preservation etc.That make the earth healthy, hygienic and pollution free. Our heartiest effort is to preserve cow for mankind in society.

Support Anamika and Manish to be a part of Indian Gymnastics Team.

by Narendra kothari

Anamika and Manish dream of being a part of Indian Gymnastics team. After winning various championships in Yoga, and gymnastics, now they need better training and facility to achieve their dreams of representing India at Olympics.

Students Experience In Inter-state Living - ABVP

by Atul Kulkarni

An effort to establish Unity in Diversity! SEIL is an initiative of ABVP for nation integration and to promote the motto of One Nation, One People, and One Culture amongst the people of North East region.

Save An Orphan's Life

by R.R. Kulshreshta

We take orphan children into our custody and get them adopted via district judge's court until then we take care of them and send them to school. We need your support for better life for these kids.

Shining Mission India

by Ghanshyam Daniel

Myself Ghanshyam Daniel, Director of Shining Mission India. We are running School and where we are providing free education to the orphans, semi-orphan, poor and street children, we want to make orphanage for such children.

Step forward for good cause.

by Paws and care

Mission- Our main motive is to promote the importance of the street dogs so that they can get the same love and care like other pet dogs in india, our major focus is to provide health, food & water and also protect them so with the help of our NGO

Sponsor Food & Shelter For Celin Mary For 1 Year

by Fr. Iruthayaraj Thusnevish

Ms. Celin Mary, 50, is from a poor dalit coolie family. She is a spinster and an epileptic patient from her childhood onward. Her 5 brothers and 2 sisters cornered her after her parent died. Now she is in the home for destitute. Please help.

Funding for Doon Leadership Programme

by Shubham Tantia

An alumnus of Bishop Cotton School, Shubham wants to further enhance his knowledge. He is looking to raise funds to enrol for Doon Leadership Programme. He is a young ambitious boy, who wants to contribute to a greater future of this country.

Bachcha Master

by Prairna Agarwal

Children feature film which condemns child labour and promotes child education. A child goes on to set an example by teaching labour children and how education helps in shaping the future of a society. It conveys a very contemporary social message.

Empowering Souls!

by Academy for Socio Legal Studies (ASLS)

ASLS aims to invite public partnership for empowering children belonging to marginalized sections in strengthening their basic learning along with awareness on important aspects like civic sense,legal rights,social equality,small savings,fitness etc.

Say NO to Drugs, YES to Sports!

by Children & Youth Unity Foundation

The mission of Children & Youth Unity Foundation is to eradicate the drug addiction amongst youth and children of Mumbai by involving them in various sports and counseling, thus shaping them into being responsible citizens of this country.

Muslim Freedom Fighters and India's Freedom

by Soumya Basu

Inspite of making a substantial amount of contribution to India’s emancipation, the tragedy of such brave fighters is that they have somehow been removed from the collective consciousness of the Nation. The idea is to re-evaluate their glorious role.

Hands of Help

by Ajay Singh

My neighbour is suffering from cancer and he need 10 lakh Rs for the treatment and other expense He is the only earning member in family and not have a good job and medical insurance... He really need to get operated soon

Live to Dream

by Aparna Komarla

With every contribution, children who are passionate about art will have an opportunity to learn & create it. Art is empowering & liberating. It allows creativity and self-expression.That is the magic of art we want to bring to children.

Rural India Will Study!

by keyur savaliya

India is country of village & when rural india will study than our country GDP will be rise more and more.India's economy is driven by rural india as agriculture is the base.Pen & notebook is the basic needs of any rural indian student & i am one .


by nitumoni bora

The district physically handicapped welfare association had been established in 1997,here the differently abled persons are given free education,clothes we need funds to set up foundations for their livelihood and lead a respectful life.

Awareness about diabetes and thyroid through leaflets.

by Gunjan Nagori

I am planning to print 20,000 leaflets to create awareness about diabetes and thyroid in Halol, Gujrat. My mission is to get people to adopt healthy life and to collaborate with a pathology lab to provide reasonable rates for the regular tests.

Nutrition In Emergencies to Save lives in disaster

by Satish Srivastava

Disasters put pple @ a higher risk of becomin malnourished leadin to an increase in disease & death. We r inadequately equipped with required tech & competencies to deal with it. The training program will enable me to help agencies in averting deaths

Cluster Green

by Ajin V W

Cluster Green will be a platform helping farmers to find Land and help them lend land in simple steps for farm or farming related businesses. Cluster Green Units will help farmers in creating a Risk free farming model.

Support for Bihar Floods

by Tabish Helal

We are working to provide food, medicines and basic supplies and assist in reducing the difficulties faced by the citizens of Bihar. We express our heartfelt support towards everyone in Bihar affected by this calamity.Help our flood relif

Socio Impact by developing & Manufacturing Silicon Foley Catheter

by Sanjay Chokhani

In India Silicon Catheter is being imported & sold @ 800 to 1200 per pcs, Our Interest is to make it available for Indian Patient @ 250/ per pcs, Also by using Silicon Catheter patient is not going through trouble of Pain & Infection.

Empower poor indians to grow together!!

by Ravindra Kumar

A software start up with social concern!!. 80 % workforce of the company will be hired from poor and backward areas. Proper education and training will convert them to successful software engineers. We will grow together with others.Beautiful India

Mental Health Action Trust

by Mental Health Action Trust

The project, taken up by second year students of IIM-Kozhikode, is aimed at helping MHAT, Kerala raise funds. The not-for-profit organisation aims to provide free community based mental health care to the poorest people of the localities they serve.

Help Shankar Raise Funds for His Treatment

by Shankar Bhabani

Shankar Bhambani is suffering from Multiple sclerosis. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. His spinal cord is bent like a bow and it has now started affecting his vital organs which have reduced his capacity to work.


by Aashayen Foundation

Udaan is National charity event organized by AashayenFoundation During this event we Distribute school kit to 20000 Underprivileged kids Udaan is a national Sports and Cultural festival. - The social network to #DOGood

by Manil Agarwal

With the funds raised through this campaign we will promote the website extensively across India and cover the operations and development costs for the website.

Human Planet: A platform for Social Impact

by Ravi Verma

Support us building Human Planet, it is a social cause platform that will help bringing people together for creating social impact and help people collaborate, create, participate and contribute for social welfare and community development.


by Sri Srutha

The main aim of this app, is to book metro train tickets through online payment as well as rechargeable E-wallets and receive an online receipt , which is used as key at the automatic checking terminal for entering and exiting the platform.

Samriddhi- Daily cash credit for the Urban Street Vendors

by Pratik Shetty

Samriddhi is a microfinance startup committed to providing non-collateralised Micro Credit to the hawkers and vendors who depend on extravagantly expensive credit provided by the local moneylenders, who resort to unethical recovery practices.

Bharat Rojgaar

by Aman Sharma

‘BharatRojgaar’ will be an Indian job portal for non-corporate jobs catering to the needs of common Indians. This web-based application will cater to the needs of the large Indian population who have not yet been assisted by the existing job portals.

Support Kahaanighar Times and Autism Times publication for 1 year

by Rony Banerjee

Kahaanighar is a Social Enterprise committed to the development of cultural pro-activeness amongst children through informal interactions, as simple as storytelling. They need your support to publish newsletters to take this message to the society.

Free vocational training centre for underprivileged girls

by Saba Yunus

This will be a free vocational training center for underprivileged girls in the city of Kanpur. We want to train them in Computers, Tailoring, Spoken English etc., so that they can stand on their own feet. We need your support in starting this center

Jaipur Kala Mahotsav 2017

by jaipurkalamahotsav2017

Jaipur Kala Mahotsav will be held from 2 - 6 April 2017 at Jawahar Kala Kendra. The objective of this fair is to provide an exciting opportunity and encourage young artists, designers, and craftsmen to showcase their talent to the general masses.

BHW Herbal Water can replace antibiotics.

by Dhirendra Nath Tripathi

As the divine gift which is a result of ancient climating history ancient belief and modern research. It keeps you free from all about deadly viral diseases including AIDS

Lord Hanuman Temple Repairs

by Parag Shashikant Dalvi

My name is Parag S Dalvi. I reside in Mumbai. For decades, my family has been offering prayers at the Hanuman Temple, which is located near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Since the temple is very old, we want to do repair works and rebuild the stairs.

Child Labour Eradication Programme

by satyanarayana raju

This campaign aims to help a child-labour go to school. Our NGO will provide residential and other amenities to these children to continue their studies without depending on their parents.

Tampons for India

by Harsha Prakash

We are raising funds to buy in bulk a hygienic, eco-friendly, women's necessity. A tampon is a mass of absorbent material, primarily used as a feminine hygiene product. Our mission is to make tampons affordable and a widely used product in India.

FundRaiser for Attending Harvard International Conference

by Nikhil Jain

I am Nikhil Jain, a researcher from IIT Bombay who is a strong believer in bringing the change for good in society. I am selected for 2017 HPAIR Conference in Sydney, Australia by Harvard University from over 1lakh+ applications from all over world.

Help The Old Aged - they need your care

by Anjali Sethi

In Buguda and Polasara of Ganjam district, there are thousands of Old and Aged persons who are land less, poverty stricken and no one to care for. We want to take up the responsibility of caring and providing for them. Please help us help them.

Responsible tourism promotion

by Parambir Singh Rawat

Tourism is a major source of revenue for Uttarakhand. Tourism has positive and negative impacts. It has negative impacts on Environment. So we want to promote tourism in a responsible manner while preserving its environmental heritage, and ecosystem.


by Sanjay Dhadwal

Pooja, 8 Year girl child from West Delhi came in the Free OPD of the Child Heart Foundation for ECHO test referred from Safdarjung Hospital. Pooja born with a large PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus). He father is unable to bear the cost of treatment.

Sponsor Nutritious Meals for Destitute Elderly People

by Mallikarjuna Gorla

We have been providing nutritious meals every day to these 30 destitute older persons since 2009. The hot meals are distributed daily between 1-2pm and include a variety of nutritional foods like steamed cooked rice, dhal, sambhar, etc to poor elders

Aids and Appliances for Special Children

by Anchal Charitable Trust

More than 500 Anchal children and adults have already been screened. More than 200 children now have adopted Aids and Appliances, 72 of those children have had their lives drastically changed. Other are waiting for your support. Come and support us!

Help For Treatment

by Ashraf Unissa

Ashraf Unnisa , 39-year-old, mother of two, has been battling Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for nearly nine months now. Help her raise funds for her treatment.


by @denied_official

Denied school : project that imparts skill and a better life for slum women and their families. This includes: *1 month training *1 year employment with denied brand *Salaries given 50%+of what they earn now *And rest 50% profits( housing finance

Help kids in getting better educational facilities

by Karnik Upadhyay

Since the last three years the classes of this school are being taken in a field under an open sky. Often during harsh winters or rains, which is most of the time here in this village, the students have to pile up inside a small mud hutment.

Support Umang

by Umang Jaipur

We are a registered and recognized NGO working towards rehabilitation of persons with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Intellectual Disability and Multiple Disability. We currently need funds for free physiotherapy sessions for the financially weak children.

WEcarriers - Social Shipping. Earn while traveling.

by Himanshu Singhvi

WEcarriers is a peer-to-peer social shipping platform where travelers with extra space can offer to carry packages for people who need to ship things and travelers in turn make money for their services and sender can save time and money.

Support Farmers by Eliminating Middlemen & Commission Agents

by Anil Laxman Lade

Even a Chai-wala decides price for his products & services. Unfortunately in India FARMERS can't decide price for his Produce. Its Middlemen/Commission Agents! Marketyard is a Mobile Platform that enables FARMERS to BUY-SELL-RENT Everything in Agri.

The Cafe Livre - A book cafe

by Ashutosh

We want to develop a book cafe where anyone could settle into a congenial niche, Steaming coffee in hand with an engrossing read, yet with an atmosphere of elegance and zest. We will have a collection of books. Weekends come with some amazing events.

Project Sunshine

by Sunshine Foundation

Primary Government School, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurgaon The 200 odd children of this school have the opportunity to be professionally trained in karate, soccer, Kathak, creative arts and yoga. Funding 3 activities per school: 24,000 rs per month

Help running a medical centre for poor people in villages

by Rajesh Butta

Medivow is a vow to serve affordable & reliable healthcare to the people in rural India. India does not produce as many doctors to cater to the needs of ‘Bharat’, therefore our vision is to leverage technology for providing healthcare in remote areas

NEED Financial Help For Juggi School Kids

by Saurabh Goyal

We are working mainly for education for poor and Nasha Mukti. It is important to direct the potential of the unbridled students towards constructive channels. We aim to provide the right environment in which all his potential will be brought out

Help Jyothi to Undergo Kidney Transplantation

by Jyothi Kurapati

My name is (G. Sagar) and Manager for jyoti kurapati who is one of my team member in Consulting firm and raising funds for her Kidney transplantation and dialysis. She is undergoing Kidney Transplantation in the month of December, 2017. Please HELP

Help us for establish a library in village.

by Deepak Raj Singh

CYDR Foundation is making an initiative to create a library in the backward village of India, where poor,backwards and dalits are very illiterate .With this initiative, we want India's literacy rate to be high.

Funding required for ambitious short film.

by Kshitij Kumar Pandey

This yet untitled project is my 2nd short film. It is a socio-political drama, dealing with caste based discrimination in our society at its core. The shooting commences from 20th December, and will start Prakash Belawadi in the lead role.

Janvi Mukund Foundation to fight MPS 4A

by Janvi Mukund Foundation

Janvi, Mukund suffer from Mucopolysaccharidosis type IVA (MPS IVA, also called Morquio syndrome , type A) is a metabolic condition that primarily affects the skeleton. ... MPS IVA is caused by changes ( mutations ) in the GALNS gene.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Aniruddha Phukan

Aniruddha has a deep attachment to sport and feel that he can give back to the Indian sporting fraternity through Garlanding India 2.0. He'll be riding his Bajaj Dominar that he fondly calls Zeus, in South India.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Shannon Fernandes

Shannon teaches violin at Kala Academy and has always been interested in motorcycles from the young age. To further the cause of Garlanding India 2, he would be riding to Southern part of the country.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Ankur Gupta

Ankur believes that no one should miss out on his/ her talent due to lack of resources. With this thought, he decided to associate with Garlanding India 2.0 initiative. He would be his Royal Enfield Classic 350 which he has named as Robin.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Hemanshu Binnani

Hemanshu is a sports enthusiast & has represented India in 2008 World Roller Skating Championships. He wants to give back to Sporting Fraternity through Garlanding India 2.0. He'll be riding his Royal Enfield Himalayan which he has named as Madmax.

Sponsor a Child

by Lok Kalyan Samiti

LKS did a survey in and around Nand Nagri area in Delhi and found that most of the children didn’t go to school and those who did, had a very high dropout rate. You can help sponsor a child here:

Education,Health & Food Support to Homeless Street Children

by Dhara Sansthan

In our operational area of Barmer, Rajasthan we found plenty of homeless street children who are suffering from food insecurity and are not able to attend the basic education as well as quality of health care. Support us for meeting the above needs..

Gyankunj- Digital And Information Literacy


With every child securing an education we are securing our collective future. Help wonder kids in achieving their goals.

Give a little. Help a lot.

by Marathon dance Academy

This is a campaign for a dance event, through which we promote different NGOs. In this event we have kids performing from different NGOs. These kids are HIV+, Deaf & Mute, Blind, Mentally challenged & Specially-abled.

please Help A Blanket & Save A Life This Winter Appeal

by kotikala chandrasheakar

Hi, There is hard winter season every year in guntur, where a lot single women and poorest old age person die due to lack of winter warm clothing. But government, local governance and society don't take care for facilities to these vulnerable old age

Help 13 yrs old Deepak to get Bonemarro Transplant done


Help 13 yrs old Deepak to get Bonemarro Transplant done, who has been diagnosed with Thalaseemia Major, a diseases, body stops producing required blood cells

Travel complete India to complete my higher education

by Mahesh Gorijavolu

I am post graduate in MBA. I got admission into PhD and I have to select a topic that has social cause. So, I am planning to visit rural areas starting with south India to get an idea of social issues they are facing and can do Phd on that Issue.

The Problem with Education

by Yogdaan Foundation

Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need education the most children living in poverty-are the least likely to attend school.

support Mayank in his battle of survival

by Renu chauhan

I am raising funds for a 3-month-old child name called Mayank who needs, an immediate heart surgery. The child presently admitted to Holy Family Hospital ( Delhi) and struggling to breathe normally.


by Tanmay Ruidas

We want to provide the better healthcare service in rural areas in India. Also we want to minimize the gap the between doctors & patients.


by chirag taparia

Drunk driving is a serious problem that continues to take thousands of deaths each year. Too many lives have been lost to drunk driving. We aim to stop DRINK AND DRIVE and promote DRINK FREE DRIVE

Help People With Disability To Create Livelihood Opportunity

by Sandeep Kumar Singh

Divvya Bharat aims to fill in the gap for enabling better livelihoods, build a sense of achievement and self-dependence for the Specially Abled (People with Disability).

Village help

by Praveen Singh

I want to give solar lights and toilets to every house in PRAVEEN SINGH village . In this work you can help me.

Support Shakti Get His Mobility And Livelihood

by DivvyaBharat

Shakti Kumar Pandey is suffering from Locomotor Disability. He is seeking your support to get his Mobility & Livelihood. DivvyaBharat team raising fund for Shakti to provide him a wheelchair and set up of small mobile repair shop.

FoodGram - A social platform for food lovers

by Ashish Kumar Shah

This project is about a platform for foodies to share their food experiences, restaurants or cafes or street side food or home with a huge community of foodies.

Help Promote Sustainable Menstruation


This campaign is a one to one interactive session, owned and driven by passionate volunteers. Inviting passionate eco-warriors to donate today. Why deal with Non Sustainable Menstruation or Period Taboos? Donate and share, to save the Planet.

Providing free help to individuals in emotional distress.

by Ankit Dutta

This campaign is for providing support to the individuals in emotional distress. The campaign money will go to the welfare of them. And also to the school campaign where we will educate the students How to tackle the Emotional Distress.

Daughters Education

by Gajender Singh

My daughters wants to study more that 10+2. My income is not sufficient to educate them well, so I request you to please help me.

Want to be a youtuber

by Realyashsharma

Hello everyone I want to become a youtuber to complete my dreams but I need a camera please help me to get a camera and get started Thankew

Asha Kiran Sewa ashram

by Bairwan

Let us stand for the hopeless.


by sujeet kumar


Help for education

by Shouvik Sinha

I've always dreamt to become a doctors .. it's my passion my first love my dream my soul i cannot live without being a doctor and helping others. A Doctor is considered to the God on earth. People haven't seen God but people believe in Doctor.

Beautification By Greenery ?

by Aashish Jagiasi

In Each Part We ll Buy Plants To Induct Greenery To Some Particular Area Of Our Town To Highlight Its Glory

Support Small Farmers and Hawkers to raise their livelihood

by M.Narayanan Mummidi

IHi, My name is Narayanan Mummidi . I am raising funds to empower Farmers & hawkers spread across pan India. I have created a website connecting Farmers, Hawkers and Consumers and everyone involved in the supply chain of organised retailing .

help me in Building homes for homeless elders in my own land

by mohammed imran

My name is mohammed imran. I am raising fund for constructing old age homes for homeless elderly people. This is important for me because Now a days you guys can understand how our elderly homeless people are facing problems of shelters,food etc

Skilling and empowering Deaf Youth

by Noida Deaf Society

We are striving towards imparting vocational skills training and employment of deaf youth. In last few years we have successfully trained over 8000 and employed over 1900 deaf youth. Join us in our journey by supporting our cause.

Health Care project for SENIOR CITIZENS

by Abhilash Kumar

The project is an outcome of the study conducted by Traidcraft UK under the leadership of Ms. Elizabeth Baines.This project is aiming to set up an Health Care and concern for SENIOR CITIZENS with a Research College cum Mobile Health Care unit in TN


by Rescue Foundation

Rescue Foundation is a non government organization (NGO) based in Mumbai, India.The main goals of the organization are combating human trafficking of girls and children. We rescue, rehabilitate and repatriate the victims.

Save My Mother Life from Heart Diseases

by anji

My name is Anji, my mother name is Tiripatamma, and we are living in Guntur. We are a low middle-class family. my mother was suffering from heart diseases, she got heart failure, Heart pumping inside does not happen properly.

kerala food relief

by kerala floods please donate

The flood situation in Kerala continues to be grim with death toll rising to 67. The Met department has sounded a red alert for all 14 districts. While NGOs, state governments and the Centre are doing all they can to help the people in Kerala,

Help kerala flood victims

by Sandip Sarkar

You all know about devastating flood of kerala,in which already more than 300 dieds,many are missing.In this situation i hv taken initiative on behalf of Seva Bharati uttarbanga to help them through Seva Bharati & RSS team.All of you please contribut


by Mukesh

I Am here to ask for a kind help to save life of Sharath This year , My 16-year-old was diagnosed as Occult Spinal Dysraphism (refers to a group of neurological disorders that relate to malformations of the Spinal cord)

Eye operation for Harinder

by Mukesh

Urgently fund is needed for Harinder eye operation. One eye is totally damaged and his other eye he can't see Clear.he can see only blur like pic not cleare. Help Harinder to get his eye bcak

Donate Sanitary Pads & Help Kerala Women In Need.

by Govind Moghekar

Shebox Happy Periods Movement is an initiative to raise sanitary napkin for Kerala Women.

help orphan children and poor children!


Our request is to be a good person in society and you give us some money for this child from us. Then we will all build a beautiful society Our total children :- 1) 45 children of orphan children. 2) 64 childr

Girl child education through art

by Thegirl Imprints

We work for girl child education through art and writing. We have done many online and offline art events like art fest, magazine, books and campaign and plan to bring art and women at par through our venture

Support Campaign

Save my Mother Life form Heart diseases Please.

by anji

My name is Anji, my mother name is Tiripatamma, and we are living in Guntur. We are a low middle-class family. my mother was suffering from heart diseases, she got heart failure, Heart pumping inside does not happen properly.



Kerala had been effected one way or the other by the devastating floods caused by torrential rains. Torrential rains, overflowing rivers and a series of landslides have resulted in death of more than 300 people till today

Help the orphans, join our hands in fulfilling their needs

by Shreyas N Rao

Family is a gift from God, but not all are blessed to have a family. the main goal of this campaign is to provide proper blankets for the orphans , provide them with education materials such as pencils ,books .I request each one of you to contribute

Help Khushboo & Vikas live their Dreams

by Million Dreams Foundation

We majorly aim to transform the educational environment of the govt. and less known private schools to make them a better place for education and learning with a healthy environment for every child


by Ghanshyam

we are nonprofit registered ngo. Working for orphan , semi orphan ,poor and needy children .


by madhusudan


Keep a child warm in this winter

by AJSAIndia

Your tax-deductible donation can support these deprived children to continue their education without breakups and keep them safe from sickness of common cold.

Help to civior cyclone affected people in odisha

by Deepak Kumar swain

Civiorly cyclone affected people of Orissa losses there hut and also government funds never riches to them,many are suffering very difficulties staying in others house and not have money to make a home So they need temporary shed immediately.

Help to Trust For Purchasing Machinary

by Sumadhwa Seva Pratishthana

TRUST NAME : SUMADHWA SEVA PRATISHTHANA Email : Mobile No : 09448122733 Permanent Account Number (PAN) : AAXTS1089G Trust Registration No. : KA/NOTARY/095/0019/01 NITI Aayog - Govt of India - NGO Registration No. : KA/2019/02247

Library Chain Setup

by Tapash Debnath

I am planning to set up library chains in semi urban cities where youths can avail the library services with nominal cost. I will start with single stop first then spread them in further such areas. Any investee wants to partner me is also welcome.

Education for Disadvantaged Child

by Sharik Ahmed Khan

This fundraising page is to raise money for the education of some disadvantaged children in Kolkata, India, by donating to ‘Jorasanko Ummed Foundation', a small group of local people working for the social development of the community.

"Bhavam" a video campaign on human emotions

by Joseph John ( Founder- Vingles Channel )

The campaign will have a series of concept videos that brings out the various emotions of a human being including happiness, sad, anger, lust, jealous, anxiety, surprise and more. Each video will have a concept story supporting the emotion showcased.

Help Deep 6 Months Son Undergo Bone Marrow Transplant

by Madhusudan Deshmukh

I am raising funds for son Deep who is suffering from a life threatening very rare disease Osteoporosis. The only treatment for this disease is Bone Marrow Transplant. He may face major complications if the treatment is not done as soon as possible.

Support Atul Study In Lovely Professional University

by Atul Sharma

My name is Atul Sharma I live in jammu and I am from a very poor family, My parents cannot afford my higher studies, My Dad told me to have trust in God he will help you succeed that's why I am starting this fundraiser

support my family

by venkates ramanarayan peruvamb

my father had to undergo a surgery for clot in his brain to support the surgery i had to borrow money from private lenders at the rate 10% per month i am getting harassed by the lenders for interest .Please help i am in an SOS position

Help us provide sanitary napkin machines in rural schools.

by Angan Roy

I, Angan Roy, a research scholar with UOH, am raising funds for improving the health and sanitary condition of rural women in the Purulia district of West Bengal, India. The raised funds would go towards installing sanitary pad vending machines.

Faraz life saving surgery

by Asif Hussain

I am raising funds for young boy Faraz Khan. Farhaz is admitted in a hospital in Nagpur with a case history of damage and problems with his leg. He has to be operated immediately CARE hospital Nagpur emergency surgery This is social work

लोकतंत्र को नोट तंत्र से बचाने में सहयोग दे -(क्राउडफ़ंडिंग)

by Dr. Ajay Singh Almast

लोकतंत्र को नोट तंत्र से बचाने में सहयोग करे क्योंकि हमारा संविधान अब ख़तरे में है, उम्मीद है कि आप से जितना संभव हो उतना आर्थिक सहयोग करके आप इस संघर्ष को मज़बूत बनाएँ।#Bihar (क्राउडफ़ंडिंग - अभियान) -उजियारपुर लोकसभा उम्मीदवार 2019. | जय हिन्द |

Sitapur Eye Hospital

by jiya trivedi

Sitapur Eye Hospital has been a leading Tertiary careeye institute of India since 1947. Established in 1927,it has been serving the people of India for more than 90 years. Founded by Dr. M.P. Mehray Padma Bhushan, Padma Shree Rai Sahib, Rai Bahadur D

Sanitary pad dispenser for rural schools

by Prayaas Initiative

To educate and create awareness of use of Sanitary Napkins and provide easy access to Sanitary Napkins by installation Simple Vending Machines with replenishment program in Rural Schools and Colleges.

affordable bio-degradable carry bags "say no to plastic"

by Dharmendra Kumar

our startup aim is to remove plastic bags completely from the markets and use them in the use of biodegradable carry bags.

Free Books for Deserving but Poor Students in India

by Raj Sharma

We are trying to raise funds to buy Textbooks and Help Books to be distributed for FREE among deserving but Poor students.

Mr. & Miss Incredible India 2019

by Manoj Pal

All the 29 States will be representing their own traditional attire and culture which is getting lost in the limelight of western culture. This pageant is also working for the upliftment of Women and Children. And, Health and Education of Slum Kids.

Help childrens suffering from encephalitis(Chamki-fever).

by Ratnesh kumar

Childrens is suffering from acute encephalitis syndrome namely "CHAMKI-FEVER" still now here is more than 150 childrens dead by this encephalitis syndrome and about 200 childrens is still suffering from,come and raise a fund for childrens.

Child Education Using IoT, Aurdino, etc.

by Nisha Karle

Our vision is to deliver best breed educational content in digital format to the children from under resourced families. STEM-C Program teaches Science, Technology, English, Mathematics, and Computers and aims to enhance learning experiences.

Equip, Empower & Employ Youth

by Nisha Karle

With various institutional linkages and state governments SSF works to equip, empower and employ the youth of the under resourced families. Currently SSF is working with the Government of Maharashtra for skilling the tribal youth in Pune.

Rural Solutions & Entrepreneurship

by Nisha Karle

Saraswati Seva Foundation readily supplies technology-supported solutions for rural needs, involving IoTs, drones, robotics and more.

Helping Needy people

by Mohammed Waseem

Hello Friends I’m reaching out to you all as we have started small organisation to support the poor's and this is for fundraising campaign to support them for their daily needs. Please support this Organisation and even small amount will help .

Turn Your Dreams into Reality