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Atmospheric Water Generator - Uravu Labs

by Swapnil Shrivastav

We are building an atmospheric water generator which can generate drinking water from the air around us. We built a proof-of-concept model and now we want to scale up and build a small prototype. Lets gear up for water sustainability!

Grow It Yourselves (GiY)

by mayoor shetty

We are building products to enable urban population to grow the food they consume using our IoT enabled agri solution which relieves them from manual tasks of gardening and monitoring plant health. Where they can get organic food through out the year

Underwater Unmanned Vehicle

by Siddarth Pai

We are building Underwater Unmanned vehicle to help local fishermen to locate fish density. Thereby increasing their output. This Underwater vehicle can also be used by Coastguard for Maritime surveillance.It can also be used for Search operations


by M.v. Annalarasi

H.E.A.R.T- HEALTHCARE- ELECTRONICALLY ARRAYED RECORDS TRACKER An integrated electronic portal of health records, personal records, diagnostic and treatment, drug consumption trends of individuals, insurance status as well as the organ donation status

Approprice- Unique Price Comparison App with Barcode Scanner

by Shashank Shekhar, Aloke Deb

Approprice is the best ranked price comparison app with Smart Barcode feature. In-store customers can scan product barcodes to see lowest price in an instant. Support Approprice and be part of a plan to disrupt $700 Bn ecommerce and retail market.


by Priyankar Kumar

We are attempting to provide a digital platform that will allow event organisers to streamline event management and get easy access to services for fulfilling their requirements. Local businesses can use the platform to put forth their services.

vChalk - tech for all kids to progress in school

by Daniela F. Gheorghe

vChalk is technology to support low-income parents and teachers make sure all children learn the basics in the first years in school. Watch the video and support our campaign in collaboration with IIM Bangalore!

'Dutolo - Dustbin Toilet Locator' Mobile app

by Vishal Kokate

We created this app with a hope that in the era of mobiles apps, cleanliness would not lag behind. Everyone uses their smartphone to do errands in daily life. Then why not use a smartphone to help yourself & others to find a Dustbin or a Toilet?

Help a school buy a computer.

by Atul

According to the teachers all the students at the Rajkiya Prathmik Kanya Pathshala are enthusiastic in learning about Computers but are not getting the opportunity to do so. Help them in their education so that they can widen their learning horizon


by Vishal Shankar

Join us in revolutionizing the way we search for information. PanGo lets you search multiple data, all in one go. Forget sorting data sheets and searching for information individually. Let's PanGo !

Clapoof- Class, Points, Offers.

by Aryan Adya

Clapoof is a mobile app that rewards students for not using phones during the class. Simply be in the class, lock your phone, and start gaining points. Now redeem these points at local shops, businesses for great money-saving student discounts.

Get your customised jewellery starting from INR 500

by Kevin Joshi

Ours is an E-com website which deals in customised Silver jewellery. Did you know how hard it is to find our desired jewellery with the exact gemstones color and metal plating and that too at reasonable price?At Caitali all your needs will be solved.


by Vinayak Rajanahally

In today's world, it is important one attends Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops and Webinars. eventValue is a Web and Mobile App that helps people Discovery Professional Events, Network with Attendees and Access Content of various events.

Help Robotics Wizards to Compete in Robocup,

by Robotics Wizards

Three children aged 10-13 stood first among 40 teams and will represent India in prestigious Robocup-2016 in Leipzig-Germany. Robocup is the most prominent & largest competition in the field of Science & Robotics with participants from 60+ countries.

Driver Drowsiness And Distraction Alert System


As we know, one of the major reasons for increased accidents is due to driver falling asleep or getting distracted. So, we have come up with a reasonable cost device that can alert driver and keep the journey safe.

Forever EV3 - Indian Team For RoboCup 2017 Internationals

by Forever EV3

We are Forever EV3 – the Indian National Robotics Team for RoboCup 2017. We have been awarded the title of National Champions and now, we need your help to bring the International Champions Trophy to India.

Steeltoe 1.0 - An Automatic Quadruped Robot

by Team Automatons

We are Team Automatons, a Robotics research and Development team of college students from PCCOE, Pune. We are developing a Quadruped (four legged) robot, which may prove to be a great help during rescue operations and for military purpose.

When you conserve water, you conserve life!

by Irfan Vakkayil

An intelligent unmanned and autonomous marine robot capable of monitoring water quality parameter's, pollution tracking, surveillance operations and surveying in hard to reach shallow water locations without jeopardizing human life, time and effort.

An innovation to cool hot outdoor work spaces in Factories

by Monish Siripurapu

We designed a Eco-cooling system for that converts hot air from DG sets in factories to cool air. This could change the lifestyle of millions of people working in these conditions. We want to conduct research using CFD analysis and develop a software

HANA-Source of creation-Indian rover at NASA Rover Challenge

by Karan Singh

VISIONAUTS, a team of enthusiastic engineering students from Lovely Professional University, has successfully registered for NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2018. Teams need to design,build and manufacture human-powered, collapsible vehicle.

Smart Stand

by Amardeep Singh

A Simple, Portable, and and Elegant Accessory that you have been missing until now for all your devices.

Help my organization for Blood donation to needy peoples.

by Chirag

Our mitrachat family’s main motto is to blossom the society with our collective efforts. We wish to achieve success in all spheres of our services through excellence and sharing. It is one of the biggest ambitions of our company to provide the societ

Cloud kitchen to provide daily meals

by Uddipta Dutta

My mum and I are establishing a cloud kitchen to provide pocket friendly home made food to people staying away from home. We are incorporating home makers and also Women and Men delivery system to deliver food at the door step. My mum is my cofounder

Just Parked..The perfect solution for the urban parking crisis!

by Visakh Nair

Let the world be your parking ground. Just Parked-The urban parking solution focused on solving parking problems in metro's. Reserve your parking before you start your travel. List your driveway,when not in use,to earn extra income.


by Sajay Alexander

India a country united with different local languages, culture and history but we often fail to understand the same. Maybe because of no tour guides available or the price is too high to afford for normal travelers. We solve it in the most fun way.

DIY-Scientific Educational Windmill Kit!!

by Raju Chaluva

DIY wind mill kit to understand the energy conversion laws of physics for kids!

Solar Charging Dock For Electric Vehicle

by Aman Jadhav

Now a days electric power bike ,cars and bicycles are become more popular in everyday use, but charging it with our regular electricity means more burden on our existing electricity bill, so I want to make prototype of the solar charging dock so use


by Siddhesh Pendhari

We are the Team MH-08 Racing: A formula student team from Rajendra Mane College Of Engineering & Technology, Ratnagiri. Now the team is aiming to compete in International Formula Student Competition representing India and making country proud.

Coachgator:- Get Cashback on joining coaching institutes

by Kartik Mundhra

We are trying to create a platform which will help students to cut down the fees of their coaching institutes, colleges/university's.

Cluster Green

by Ajin V W

Cluster Green will be a platform helping farmers to find Land and help them lend land in simple steps for farm or farming related businesses. Cluster Green Units will help farmers in creating a Risk free farming model.

Event Gurus

by Regil Das

We are an Event Technology Platform Startup which uses technology to disrupt the way we live at an event with so many productive features. When you use our system, you will come to know you are yet to experience the best of Events. Help us go global

Spiraldesk : The first real multi business helpdesk

by Samjad Mooppan

An Enterprise with multiple businesses, will have multiple customer support channels for customer relations. Spiraldesk eliminates the need to use multiple systems and generates centralized reports based on the agents, entities and channels.

Inertia -Engine, a fuel less free energy engine

by Aklesh Kumar

I request to all to provide me around that much of money through the cloud funding because I have been very clear and been very close in building 'Inertia- Engine' the biggest invention in the history of mankind please.

Socio Impact by developing & Manufacturing Silicon Foley Catheter

by Sanjay Chokhani

In India Silicon Catheter is being imported & sold @ 800 to 1200 per pcs, Our Interest is to make it available for Indian Patient @ 250/ per pcs, Also by using Silicon Catheter patient is not going through trouble of Pain & Infection.

Empower poor indians to grow together!!

by Ravindra Kumar

A software start up with social concern!!. 80 % workforce of the company will be hired from poor and backward areas. Proper education and training will convert them to successful software engineers. We will grow together with others.Beautiful India

Create A service providing app With Unique idea

by Ibrahim Shaikh

I have a unique idea about providing a hygienic daily meal on time. This is a creative and unique solution to finding a good tasting meal.

Hello Doctor

by Jeril Jacob

Hello Doctor is a platform that provides easy and convenient way to meet all your healthcare needs. Accessible online and through smartphones, Hello Doctor provides a quick and effortless system to seek and receive care.

VJTI Technovanza 2016

by Technovanza 2016

Technovanza is VJTI, Mumbai's annual and Maharashtra's largest techno-management festival. It was born out of the passion for taking Technology to the society. Technovanza conducts 60+ different events for promoting different sectors of engineering.

Human Planet: A platform for Social Impact

by Ravi Verma

Support us building Human Planet, it is a social cause platform that will help bringing people together for creating social impact and help people collaborate, create, participate and contribute for social welfare and community development.

Fruitarians – Online Fruit Bar

by Gourav Baid

At Fruitarians, we believe that when it comes to eating right, there is no I’ll start tomorrow. Instead of having to make runs to the supermarket or go to street vendors to do your fruit shopping, let us do it for you.


by Piusha Debnath

Vahan is an app based platform that aims to be the one stop integrated solution for travelers requiring cab services and/or self-driven cars by providing real time comparison among the service providers in terms of price, availability, duration, etc.


by Sri Srutha

The main aim of this app, is to book metro train tickets through online payment as well as rechargeable E-wallets and receive an online receipt , which is used as key at the automatic checking terminal for entering and exiting the platform.

Green Porous Concrete

by Shubhankar Seth

Our product Green Porous Concrete (GPC) Pavement Blocks are eco-friendly. This will enhance the rainwater harvesting reducing the storm water in cities other than reducing heat islands due to the green grass cover on these permeable blocks.

Ringing Rupee

by Rahul Kalra

This campaign is directed towards raising funds for an unexplored opportunity in the advertising space. Ringing Rupee app is an interactive audio ad platform that rewards users for listening to ads while making or receiving a call.

Bharat Rojgaar

by Aman Sharma

‘BharatRojgaar’ will be an Indian job portal for non-corporate jobs catering to the needs of common Indians. This web-based application will cater to the needs of the large Indian population who have not yet been assisted by the existing job portals.


by Pradeep B

To offer an digital device that screens ecological circumstances and conditions through different sensors and provides the ideal yields that can be developed in that specific circumstance or indicating what must be changed for better crop growth.

FundRaiser for Attending Harvard International Conference

by Nikhil Jain

I am Nikhil Jain, a researcher from IIT Bombay who is a strong believer in bringing the change for good in society. I am selected for 2017 HPAIR Conference in Sydney, Australia by Harvard University from over 1lakh+ applications from all over world.

Photographic Astronomical Sky Survey

by Skyward with AstronAmar

A small scale sky survey observatory looking out for Near Earth Objects (NEOs), monitoring the night sky every clear night. None of this kind exists in the plans of Indian scientific/professional fraternity we observational amateurs want to initiate.

MAGNUS GENERATOR SYSTEMS 10000W magnetic Generator.

by ankur rathi

Magnetic generator system are portable power station efficiently converting into the useable energy 220 volt output. These units are ready for large power loads. These units will act as power generators, only without the harmful and expensive fuels.


by Srinal Earakula

Just imagine playing the role of the lead character in a movie you love. You drive all the decisions and enjoy slightly different versions of the classics. Maybe there’s a murder we added on the board in titanic or a nuclear weapon in the Avengers.

Omnichannel Marketing Cloud for Omnichannel World

by Sourabh Mathur

MarketingLeo is an advanced omnichannel Marketing Automation system built for smart marketers who wish to track, manage & send personalized messages to their customers on any online channel in real time.

Be a part of New Age Education through Virtual Reality


Bored of studying? Those days will end soon We present you an all in one product with syllabus oriented, author driven, exam centric, easy to read content in the form of videos, smart graphics and Virtual reality to experience what you learn. #VR #ed

WEcarriers - Social Shipping. Earn while traveling.

by Himanshu Singhvi

WEcarriers is a peer-to-peer social shipping platform where travelers with extra space can offer to carry packages for people who need to ship things and travelers in turn make money for their services and sender can save time and money.

ClinMD - Digital Record Keeping with just Pen & Paper

by Sourav Choraria

Poor doctor to patient ratio in developing countries leads doctor-patient interaction to be brief & doctor's not being tech savvy, results in prescriptions to be handwritten & this is the most serious roadblock to Digital Health.

AI powered assessment platform to see things not seen before

by Rama Prasad

1 in 7 people worldwide are disabled. We build education tools that are accessible even to the disabled person at great ease. With AI, ML, NLP we can see things that we that we didn’t see before.

USB Pen Drive (OTG) for iPhone / iPad / Android / PC 3 in 1

by Ankit Shah

Are you running out of storage on iPhone / iPad / Android? banf OTG Pen Drive is a creative device used to store Photos, Videos, Music & Documents directly from your mobile phone.

Industrial IoT - Be a part of next revolution

by Sameer Patnaik

Be a part of the next big revolution - Industrial Internet of Things. Invest and see how we enhance the capabilities of manufacturing industries through Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. Help us make Smart Industries.

Mobile Apps building by drag and drop features

by Vinay Patidar

Apps in Clicks is an app building platform which requires literally 0% of coding or technical skills, you can build and customize your app as per as your need with simple Drag and Drop Features.

Help me making my drone project succesfull

by Aravapalli sai koushik

hi everyone my name is koushik i am here asking for fund to develop drone project started by me. i am from a poor family so i dont have enough fund to complete my project buying some impotant parts of the drone.please fund me and make my life better

VROOK - Transforming Engineering through Virtual Reality

by Venu Gopal

Due to the lack of practical & immersive learning, only 7% of engineers are employable. Concerning! So we decided to create a digital textbook called VROOK. It enhances the learning experience through Virtual Reality & graphical videos.

Support Campaign

best of luck my younger bro tasleem and team

by Mohammad Tyagi

VISIONAUTS, a team of enthusiastic engineering students from Lovely Professional University, has successfully registered for NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2018. Teams need to design,build and manufacture human-powered, collapsible vehicle.


by Tanmay Ruidas

We want to provide the better healthcare service in rural areas in India. Also we want to minimize the gap the between doctors & patients.

Recycle At Source Technology

by Laxmiprasad Date

I am in the process of designing an advanced domestic bio composter that will recycle kitchenwaste at home .It will help in converting waste to fertilizer. So avoiding resource from going to municipal waste dumping sites. Need Funds for development.

FoodGram - A social platform for food lovers

by Ashish Kumar Shah

This project is about a platform for foodies to share their food experiences, restaurants or cafes or street side food or home with a huge community of foodies.

Providing free help to individuals in emotional distress.

by Ankit Dutta

This campaign is for providing support to the individuals in emotional distress. The campaign money will go to the welfare of them. And also to the school campaign where we will educate the students How to tackle the Emotional Distress.

Helping Tech Graduates giving platform to prove their skill

by utkarsh kapil

We are a group of people who are determined to help talented individuals who find it hard to get a platform where they can prove themselves and get a job they deserve.We have build web app on which people can take a test on their skill set

Your contribution can help achieve a solution.


NITS will provide Knowledge Commerce, E-Com Solutions Web & Mobile App Solution End-To-End Ecosystem We are Focusing on an LMS for schools & universities that provides a refreshingly new way to teach and learn Most Advanced SaaS Based Ecom Platform


by Rohit Singh

My name is Rohit Kumar Singh.I am working on my campaign My motto is to give India to its first Social Networking Website.

Litre Of Light

by Shankar

We aim at providing lighting up homes by the innovative idea of Litre of Light which turns plastic bottles into powerful lights hence leading to sustainable development

RoboCup Junior (Rajasthan Chapter)

by Neha Agrawal

Indian RoboCup Junior Foundation announces the sixth year "RoboCup Junior" Competition in India. Various Regional competitions are being organized across India in December 2018 – January 2019. We invite students from your school to participate.

Solar Electrification for sustainable Environment.

by Lohith Ramakrishnappa

We have a new startup ready which provides Solar installation services. Main aim of this campaign is to get a Solar street light and other production for a feasible price. We are aiming to design a standard product which has a price reduction of 20%.

JuGadee Cab

by Vikram Singh

JuGadee cab _ Online Cab aggregator in Kota City Traction: Users on App: 8200 + Total rides till date: 19200 + Revenue from January' 2018 to November' 2018 : Rs 1750000 + App rating : 4.7 (250 + Reviews ) Per day new rider : 43

Library Chain Setup

by Tapash Debnath

I am planning to set up library chains in semi urban cities where youths can avail the library services with nominal cost. I will start with single stop first then spread them in further such areas. Any investee wants to partner me is also welcome.

Manufacturing of new generation Solar & Electric Geysers

by Harsha M L

We Invented new concept for Solar Geysers and Electric Geysers. We have 4 patents on these Inventions and our prototype won the best design award -2018 from Design clinic India. Our startup has been recognised by DIPP & top 400 Innovative startup

Zero Time - F1 in Schools

by Nischay Goel

We, a group of 5 students of Grade 8, participated in the North Zone Regional Finals-2 of F1 in Schools held in Genesis Global School, Noida from February 1-3 2019 and have qualified from amongst 108 teams for the National Finals.

Low Cost Robotic Quadruped

by Manish Maurya

Help us in building of the four legged quadruped robot controlled using android application. Great for Kids and technology enthusiast. all the source code and circuit will be open source and available to people for modification and their custom use.

Sanitary pad dispenser for rural schools

by Prayaas Initiative

To educate and create awareness of use of Sanitary Napkins and provide easy access to Sanitary Napkins by installation Simple Vending Machines with replenishment program in Rural Schools and Colleges.

Help us make apparel sourcing better

by Arpit Jalan

Biggest problem faced in apparel sourcing today is the high level of opaqueness which results in rough supply chain and higher cost to market. We aim to solve this through a customized B2B solution which will smooth supply chain and increase trade.

HouzTalk - Engaged Community for Home Buyer/Aspirants

by Vikas Manhas

An online community that goes beyond the internet for home buyers or aspirants seeking help. Engaged community offers support & help to its settlers to collaborate. Home buying is the greatest aspiration of the growing middle class in India. RealTech

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