Gamedoora ( Gaming )

Gamedoora is an exclusive cloud-based collaborative platform for game/animation studios and everyone involved in game/animation/film production pipeline.  Gamedoora is built to revitalize the game production pipeline and serve passionate creative enthusiast build great new content / games with their own community in an open source landscape. The concept was born with a desire to eliminate the pain points associated with the current game production pipeline for indie game developers, publishers, large game studios as well as everyone associated with the creative and constructively infectious gaming industry.  

Think of Gamedoora as a digital community for the modern and old age mind-sets.  This generation wants flexibility, there is a need in the community for a place to come and collaborate freely, just like any other open source project (eg Linux, Firefox, Blender, Godot etc). We would mimic that thinking for the   creative industry, to help enthusiast access new projects, showcase their work and passion towards a concept, game, story line and final production and commercialization.  We would encourage and evolve the community for the seamless creation of a whole gaming production lifecycle.

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