Garlanding India ( Social )

In 2014, Uday Damodaran, a Professor at XLRI Jamshedpur, completed a 60-day road drive outlining India’s borders, to raise funds for about 20 NGOs. Three years down the line, the second edition of this initiative, Garlanding India 2.0 is now bringing motorbike riders across the country to ride for a change. The vision behind the second edition is to raise funds for 4 sports academies (P. T. Usha, Mary Kom, YogeshwarDutt and the Olympic Gold Quest) and an NGO, Ekjut, working in the area of Infant Mortality and Health. Similar to first edition, it's not just about the journey, but about the lives we can touch and the wings it can give to hundreds of dreams waiting to come true. It's about breaking the shackles, igniting hundreds of journeys towards the horizon and beyond, which have never been undertaken.

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