Garlanding India ( Social )

In 2014, Uday Damodaran, a Professor at XLRI Jamshedpur, completed a 60-day road drive outlining India’s borders, to raise funds for about 20 NGOs. Three years down the line, the second edition of this initiative, Garlanding India 2.0 is now bringing motorbike riders across the country to ride for a change. The vision behind the second edition is to raise funds for 4 sports academies (P. T. Usha, Mary Kom, YogeshwarDutt and the Olympic Gold Quest) and an NGO, Ekjut, working in the area of Infant Mortality and Health. Similar to first edition, it's not just about the journey, but about the lives we can touch and the wings it can give to hundreds of dreams waiting to come true. It's about breaking the shackles, igniting hundreds of journeys towards the horizon and beyond, which have never been undertaken.

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Trending Projects

EKJUT- Lets Fight the Infant Mortality Together

by Uday Damodaran

Ekjut (meaning ‘coming together’) is an NGO which was founded by Dr. Prasanta Tripathy and Dr. Nirmala Nair in 2002 in Jharkhand. Ekjut empowers rural communities by facilitating participatory learning and action for reducing newborn mortality.

Yogeshwar Dutt Wrestling Academy

by Uday Damodaran

Yogeshwar Dutt won a bronze medal in London Olympics 2012. He started a wrestling academy in March 2017 in Sonepat, which is currently a home for about 80 trainees aged between 10 and 17 years. The academy aims to promote wrestling in the country.

Usha School of Athletics

by Uday Damodaran

There is a lot of scope for improvement in the area of sports in India & there are few individuals who dream of making the situation a little better. One such institute is the Usha School of Athletics, started in 1999 by the Olympian P.T. Usha.

Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation

by Uday Damodaran

Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation aims to promote the boxing sport amongst underprivileged youth of Manipur & other parts of NE India. The foundation has proved to be a stepping-stone for many talented kids and enthusiasts to rise up the ranks.

Completed Projects

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Aniruddha Phukan

Aniruddha has a deep attachment to sport and feel that he can give back to the Indian sporting fraternity through Garlanding India 2.0. He'll be riding his Bajaj Dominar that he fondly calls Zeus, in South India.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Shannon Fernandes

Shannon teaches violin at Kala Academy and has always been interested in motorcycles from the young age. To further the cause of Garlanding India 2, he would be riding to Southern part of the country.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Ankur Gupta

Ankur believes that no one should miss out on his/ her talent due to lack of resources. With this thought, he decided to associate with Garlanding India 2.0 initiative. He would be his Royal Enfield Classic 350 which he has named as Robin.

Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Hemanshu Binnani

Hemanshu is a sports enthusiast & has represented India in 2008 World Roller Skating Championships. He wants to give back to Sporting Fraternity through Garlanding India 2.0. He'll be riding his Royal Enfield Himalayan which he has named as Madmax.