Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce ( Start-ups )

Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce is an initiative to support entrepreneurship and commerce education; founded by a husband-wife duo (Paresh and Pooja) who left their fancy finance jobs abroad and came to India and started their entrepreneurial journey. Paresh is a 3 time TEDx speaker, MBA from London School of Business and Finance and a graduate of Shri Ram College of Commerce. He has mentored and inspired several startups and thousands of students in the last 3 years. Pooja is Chartered Accountant, Masters in IT and PhD* in Valuations who has dedicated her life to imbibing good cultural values and principles into young kids. 
India is a country with a maximum number of suicides in the world as per World Health Organisation. India has a large number of teen suicides who are unable to find the right path for their life and succumb to social pressures. The primary reason for suicides in India is family pressure, study pressure and unavailability of good jobs. To combat this problem, GCEC is one of its kind initiatives which aims at promoting entrepreneurship and commerce related courses for students at the undergraduate level to help them follow their dream. It aims to impart the right skills to people to become entrepreneurs and global citizens and create employment in the nation. GCEC is supported by Vivekananda Global University.