International Development Enterprise (India) ( Social )

IDEI is a non-profit organisation that enjoys a special consultive status with the Economic and Social Council of United Nations.

IDEI works on several issues like poverty alleviation using a market-development model that envisages the integration of poor small holders with markets, both as buyers of inputs and as vendors of high value agricultural produce. IDEI enables farmers to have access to affordable, efficient irrigation technologies. The technologies are sold through the market based approach to the small holder farmers. By using the technologies (Treadle Pumps and Drip Irrigation Systems), farmers shift from rain dependent to round the year irrigation and cultivation of crops.

Till date 1.37 Million (Over 7.4 Million People) households adopted IDEI promoted technologies.


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Completed Projects

FundRaiser for Attending Harvard International Conference

by Nikhil Jain

I am Nikhil Jain, a researcher from IIT Bombay who is a strong believer in bringing the change for good in society. I am selected for 2017 HPAIR Conference in Sydney, Australia by Harvard University from over 1lakh+ applications from all over world.

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Our request is to be a good person in society and you give us some money for this child from us. Then we will all build a beautiful society Our total children :- 1) 45 children of orphan children. 2) 64 childr