T A Pai Management Institute ( Events Start-ups )

DEFI - TheNextStep is an entrepreneurship event hosted at T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal 

Defi is a team event wherein participants must form a team of maximum 4 members. Each team will be allocated an additional member from TAPMI as Business Consultant(Optional). The optional allocation of 5th member could be arranged by the organizers. Teams with Business consultant with have an additional advantage.

The competition will take place in 4 rounds. The first round would be based on the executive summary reports submitted by the teams. Qualifying to which would open gates to the round 2 where teams would be shortlisted on their PowerPoint presentation. Round 3 is non-elimination round which evaluates team’s performance on the crowdfunding platforms to raise funds from the investors. The final and the fourth round will be a 30-hour where the teams would execute their business. They would be putting forth their business plan and elevator pitch to the panelists. The winners will have a chance to win a life time opportunity to be incubated by one of most prestigious incubators in the country.

Contact Number : 7719080678 Email us on : omega@tapmi.edu.in

Completed Projects

Grow It Yourselves (GiY)

by mayoor shetty

We are building products to enable urban population to grow the food they consume using our IoT enabled agri solution which relieves them from manual tasks of gardening and monitoring plant health. Where they can get organic food through out the year

Underwater Unmanned Vehicle

by Siddarth Pai

We are building Underwater Unmanned vehicle to help local fishermen to locate fish density. Thereby increasing their output. This Underwater vehicle can also be used by Coastguard for Maritime surveillance.It can also be used for Search operations


by M.v. Annalarasi

H.E.A.R.T- HEALTHCARE- ELECTRONICALLY ARRAYED RECORDS TRACKER An integrated electronic portal of health records, personal records, diagnostic and treatment, drug consumption trends of individuals, insurance status as well as the organ donation status


by Priyankar Kumar

We are attempting to provide a digital platform that will allow event organisers to streamline event management and get easy access to services for fulfilling their requirements. Local businesses can use the platform to put forth their services.