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NEED Financial Help For My Short Film

NEED Financial Help For My Short Film

by Srinath Rangarajan

Hi,this is Srinath.I need money for my Short film.My story needs extradinory VFX and Many characters.I have a wish to work as one of the assistant directors to director Shankar sir ,for that I’m trying to prove myself,So help me.

Rang De! Jaipur

Rang De! Jaipur

by Contree Foundation

Rang De! Jaipur is a citizen-centred initiative which aims to transform civic spaces of Jaipur city by cleaning them, painting aesthetic designs and planting saplings with the help of Jaipurites. Currently, we have transformed Sindhi Camp Bus Stand.

Help women farmers to access modern tools for agriculture

Help women farmers to access modern tools for agriculture

by Manuring It!

Agriculture in northern states of India is ailing from different problems. Rising cost of labour due to labour migration is one critical problem. We are trying to solve this problem by giving the women farmers an access to modern farm tools on rent.

Reduce Suicidal Tendency - Children Theater Festival

Reduce Suicidal Tendency - Children Theater Festival

by Ensemble Theater - Theater to Empower

A Global level initiative to take social responsibility to understand the youth psychology to fight against DEPRESSION and SUICIDAL TENDENCY at a wide level. Theater Education Activists from 4 countries joining hands together to work over the issue.

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Pramod Sanghi
Pramod Sanghi

Project Owner - Pinjra

One life and so many roles. A Women is truly a Superhero! ‘Pinjra’ movie is one such depiction of women’s journey of life which I have been able to portray to my audience with the efforts of the community. DreamWallets supported me in getting my movie crowdfunded! If you too want to bring life to your dreams, DreamWallets is the right choice.

Harshit Nagar
Harshit Nagar

Project Owner - Edges Of Love

We are a group of musicians united by the passion for bringing music to life. We, at Dreamwallets, realize the power of crowd where with the help of 60 backers from all over the world, we successfully reach our target amount. Thank-you DreamWallets!

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